Deal Struck with Regal Rugs

Coyote Red Licensing is now representing artist Sharon Pierce McCullough and her whimsical colorful images. Her images have been licensed for prints, sweatshirts, note cards and nightshirts. Recently, five of Sharon's images were licensed to Regal Rugs.

The rugs will be available in stores after the first of the year. President, Kristin Fitch of Coyote Red Licensing says"her images are consistent with our feeling that - color, whimsy and playful images awaken the creativity and imagination in both adults and children alike and Sharon's images seem to have an innocence all their own."

Coyote Red Licensing has begun marketing Sharon's whimsical images and characters to licensees around the country. Although Coyote Red has only been representing Sharon for a little over a three months, the reaction to her images has been stronger than could have been expected. Sharon has also written and illustrated a handful of children's books and Coyote Red is now contacting publishers on her behalf.


Sharon Pierce McCullough- Copyright 1999-2002