Michael McCullough
Born in Gettysburg, PA in 1946 Michael McCullough has traveled a circuitous road to the art of photography.

Michael began photographing in the early 70’s only to put it aside to become a furniture maker. Making both traditional and contemporary furniture for 24 years he found a ready audience for his creations. After abandoning that field in 1994, Michael once again turned his attention to photography, his skills honed by the preciseness required of fine woodworking.

Michael attributes his love of floral photography to his father. “We always had flowers in the house, grown in my father’s gardens. Arrangements of color were everywhere. I never really paid attention until later in life when I first examined an individual flower. At that time I discovered the singular beauty of all flowers.” Michael devotes the largest part of his photography to florals.

Michael resides with his wife Sharon, a renowned artist and children’s book author, and his two children in Cashtown just west of Gettysburg, PA.

Michael McCullough- Copyright 1999-2002