Kira Pierce

Kira Pierce is a self-taught artist from Virginia Beach, VA. Her work consists of a variety of subjects and mediums including watercolors of landscapes, florals and still lifes, oil pastels and most recently, acrylics. She attributes her affection for the arts and crafts world to her mother, who is also a self-taught artist. Kira feels that nature and color most influence her work and life. She finds that mood and emotion often affect her work, allowing for a broad range of subjects and styles.

Kira feels that her art loosely represents her life. Her changing, evolving styles and subject matter are direct reflections of stages or time periods in her life, which is also continually evolving. She finds these periodic changes in her style and subject matter refreshing and she welcomes them each new time.

Over the years, Kira has found herself on many different paths, doing many different things, all the while trying to find her place. After graduating from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington with a BA in Spanish, she moved to Japan for a year and a half, where she taught English to Japanese students. Kira, having a passion for travel, has also visited countries such as Costa Rica, Ecuador, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia. She is very drawn to the atmosphere of the third world country, to the simplicity of life there. She finds herself continually drawn back to the basics and feels very much at home in a simple world with a simple life.

Kira aspires to continue creating artwork, continue expanding her collection and experimenting with new mediums and techniques. She also dreams of one day incorporating her writing skills with her work in either childrenís books or travel stories. She hopes that her art will bring joy into the world, and that it may even find itís way into the hands of someone who could use a little sunshine.

Kira Pierce- Copyright 1999-2002